Simplification:home is a blog geared towards simplifying every day life. 

Hi, I'm Sherri. Welcome to my blog! I write about my adventures around the house and beyond. When I come across recipes, tricks or other random things that may be of value to others, I'm happy to share. 

But I'm not into glittery crafts (that stuff gets everywhere), wasteful decorating ideas (buying buttons to glue on birthday cards destined for the trash?) or kid-friendly recipes (spaghetti stuffed in hot dogs to mimic octopi are super cute but we don't have kids). 

About me...I have the attention span of a gnat and I lovingly blame technology. I cope with shutterbug syndrome mainly because I'm addicted to the clicking sound the shutter makes.  I adore home decor but have no talent and bare walls. I hate to shop, I mean really, thank goodness for Amazon. Lately I've been infatuated with tiny house floor plans and abandoned buildings. I love to photograph animals, architecture and the sculptures in old cemeteries. I grew up outside of Cincinnati and love where we live in Northern Kentucky (south side, baby). I enjoy travel but suffer from a terrible case of I-miss-my-dog when I do. Our dog is awesome-sauce. I've digressed. 

By day, I'm your typical nine-to-fiver working in communications. By night, I'm your average thirty-something who relishes being settled at home.

I'm glad you are here! Thanks for stopping by. Contact me if you have a question and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.